Texas Criminal Attorney

Why Me?

I focus the entirety of my practice, education, training, and skill on criminal defense. I represent clients in criminal matters in Harris, Brazoria, Fort Bend, as well as Galveston Counties.

As a former felony prosecutor, I have handled thousands of cases, ranging from traffic offenses, juvenile, misdemeanor crimes, up to first-degree felonies.

I became a prosecutor so that I could gain the experience necessary to ensure the protection of people’s rights accused of a crime.

There are complex issues involved in every case, and my background has taught me that nothing is ever as simple as the State would have you believe. I am passionate about protecting “the little guy.”

As an attorney in a small law firm, I can guarantee that my clients’ cases will be handled personally and directly by an experienced local criminal defense lawyer who can give them the undivided attention they deserve.

The bottom-line is this: I will fight to insure that your constitutionally-protected rights are heard in all four corners of the courthouse.