Juvenile Crimes

Crimes committed by juveniles are handled differently from those of adults. This is because children’s brains are still developing, and they do not interact with the world in the same way as adults. For this reason, Texas law has its own set of rules, procedures, and laws in effect when it comes to juveniles. Juvenile offenses are governed procedurally by the Texas Family Code, but should nevertheless be handled by a qualified criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with both the Family and Penal Codes.

Depending upon the charge and nature of the case, the consequences of a juvenile conviction cover a broad range. Juveniles can be sent to the Texas Youth Commission, certified and charged as an adult, or placed on juvenile probation. Juvenile convictions under some circumstances can be used to enhance punishment for future crimes committed as an adult, and many college applications inquire into a person’s juvenile history. If your child has been accused of a crime, it is imperative for the future of your child that you take immediate action to protect your child’s rights by calling a juvenile defense attorney.

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