Driving While Intoxicated

Being arrested for drunk driving in Texas is the most unique charge in our law — it is based almost entirely on the subjective opinion of a police officer, and carries with it many unprecedented consequences. Defending yourself against a charge of DWI defense is possible, but not without an experienced DWI defense attorney. My name is Robert Miller, and I am an experienced DWI trial lawyer and former felony prosecutor who has seen first-hand just how complicated driving while intoxicated cases are.

Because a driving while intoxicated conviction can be so debilitating, I work hard to protect those accused of driving while intoxicated. If complete dismissal is not an option, I work to minimize the consequences of being charged with DWI, including fighting to let you keep your driver’s license. Call me at 281-620-3921 to discuss your situation in a free consultation. We’ll evaluate your case and discuss your legal options.

Proven Success in DWI Defense

A successful Texas DWI defense is built on knowledge, experience, and having the inside track on the latest changes in the law. Using my knowledge and experience, I will build the strongest defense possible to fight your DWI/DUI charges. An effective defense can be based on a number of factors. These can range from faulty breath and/or blood testing, lack of justification for stopping your vehicle, poor police investigation, to improper use of field sobriety tests. I carefully scrutinize all aspects of your case and use proven negotiation and trial techniques to help protect you from a DWI accusation.

Field sobriety tests are designed to ensure failure as they solely focus on what you have done “wrong.” It can be nerve-racking to be questioned roadside by an armed police officer who is asking you deceptive questions in an unfamiliar environment. Even sober people can have difficulty walking toe to toe, balancing or performing tasks involving hand-eye coordination. A field sobriety test is intended to provide an officer with probable cause to arrest someone suspected of drunk driving. However, a certain amount of judgment is involved which makes it even more important for an officer to correctly follow proper procedures. I cross-exam these officers and review patrol videos, dispatch logs, and the officer’s qualifications to expose mistakes that may raise a reasonable doubt.

Plea Bargains and Reduced Sentences

If a successful defense is not possible, and the state’s evidence is just too strong, I will work hard to minimize the consequences you face. Depending on the facts of your specific case, it may be possible to negotiate a lesser charge. There may also be other options open to you. For a free consultation with experienced drunk driving defense attorney Robert Miller, call me directly at 832-315-6367 or contact me online. I am available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.